Cooked Food is High Glycemic

Cooked Food is High Glycemic

Cooked Foods are high glycemic. When you cook food, you turn the food from a low glycemic product into a high glycemic one.

What is the glycemic effect of a food? The glycemic effect of food is the reaction that the food produces in your blood sugar. Low glycemic foods produce very little rise in your blood sugar and cause a balanced stable effect on it. However, high glycemic foods cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar, which is undesirable. This rapid rise in blood sugar can cause heart issues, extreme irritability, wrinkles in your skin caused by this rapid inflammation, and a host of other health problems. Therefore, high glycemic foods are bad for us and we should try to avoid them as much as possible.

When we cook foods, we turn the foods into higher glycemic foods. This is because when we cook them, the sugars in the foods begin to caramelize. This caramelizing of the sugars produce an erratic, rapid spike in our blood sugar and cause health problems.

Therefore, all cooked foods are much higher glycemic than their raw counterparts. A raw tomato (as an example) will produce a much smaller spike in your blood sugar than eating a cooked tomato. The raw tomato is low glycemic, while the cooked tomato is much higher glycemic.

All raw foods are thus low glycemic and are more healthy for our bodies than their cooked counterparts.

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