Does Fruit Cause Blood Sugar Problems?

Fruit Cause High Blood Sugar

It is said that fruit, being full of sugar, causes high blood sugar. We are made to believe that fruits simply have "too much sugar" and we should only eat fruits in limited quantities, so its sugar don't give us problems. It is said, sugar, whether from fruits, candy, or refined packaged sugar, are all the same, and we must make sure to ration them.

But, in this article, I want to help dispel all these myths and prove that fruit, by itself, alone, doesn't cause high blood sugar.

First, one of the most important facts to learn, is that our bodies run on sugar. Sugar fuels our bodies. Our bodies are fueled by glucose. The sugars that we get from fruits, fructose, can be converted into glucose, to give energy to our bodies.

Now that we know our bodies run on glucose and that sugars fuel our body, why at times can eating fruit lead to high blood sugar? And the reason fruit can cause high blood sugar is because of a diet high in fat. When a person consumes too much dietary fat, the fat clogs up the bloodstream so that the fruit sugars have a hard time passing through. When a person consumes a diet that is low in fat, the fruit sugars can pass through the bloodstream quickly and easily. As quickly as the sugars go in, they go out. And a person has normal blood sugar reaction to fruit. However, if a person's diet is high in fat, their bloodstream will be gummed with excess fat, the fruit sugars get "stuck" in the bloodstream, and this causes sustained high blood sugar in an individual. So it is not the fruit that causes high blood sugar. It is the amount of fat in a person's diet that causes blood sugar reaction. Blood sugar levels in a healthy individual do not vary much.

Sustained elevated blood sugar levels can lead to candida outbreaks, chronic fatigue, hyper- and hypoglycemia, diabetes, and host of other conditions and diseases, even cancer.

So, again, it's not the fruit, but the fat in one's diet. In a healthy individual, a person with low blood fat eating fruit will have a gentle rise and fall of blood sugar after eating fruit. The fruits sugars go out of the bloodstream as quickly as they go in.

So a good rule to follow is to keep one's percentage of calories coming from fat to 10% or below in total calories consumed. This will ensure that your fat intake isn't skyrocketing and is kept to healthy levels.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to read them.

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