Durian- The Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream

Durian healthy alternative to ice cream

Let's be honest and get to the point: regular or traditional ice cream is very unhealthy. It doesn't matter whether it's from dairy or soy. Both are unhealthy and can be linked to numerous health problems. Dairy ice cream is bad

Dairy is definitely the worst of the worst. Cow's milk was never made for humans, but for baby cows. Human beings ingesting milk from cows has led to all types of health complications. Cow's milk is loaded with lots of mucus, such as the cow's pus and blood. This, in turn, makes us very sick and causes problems such as colds and sinus issues. In fact, many people can't even handle dairy, which is why there is such widespread lactose intolerance in the world. Dairy ice cream is also loaded with high amounts of bad fat along with cholesterol. The deadly combo of fat and cholesterol is known to clog arteries and can lead to atherosclerosis, a condition in which fatty materials collect along the walls of the arteries. This, in turn, can cause stroke or heart attack.

Soy ice cream is no better. Although soy is low in cholesterol unlike dairy, studies have shown it to be linked to brain damage, causing diseases such as Alzheimer's. Soy is also known to impair thyroid function, contains phytic acid, which impairs your body's function to absorb minerals, and cause digestive issues, since it's hard to digest.

Coconut ice cream is horrible as well. Even though it's arguable that coconut has beneficial fat, commercial producers add other ingredients such as sugar, many times salt, and other additives that are bad for health. So you won't be getting a healthier product anyway.

Durian healthy alternative to ice cream

So with all these bad options, is that the end to ice cream? Should we not eat anymore and just forget about it for the sake of our health? Or is there a good clean healthy alternative to it that tastes almost just like it? Well, we're in luck, because nature has provided its own form of ice cream (not the manmade stuff) that's perfectly healthy for us. So you can enjoy "ice cream" truly guilt free.

One fruit that tastes just like ice cream is durian. It has the flavor of vanilla ice cream and has the same exact texture of ice cream. You can even put it in the freezer if you want the cold effect. Durian lasts for very long in a freezer, practically forever. Just pull it out a few hours in advance and it will be ready to eat at any time. Durian has a very custardy flavor that you are sure to enjoy. It may take a little time to get used to it, but once you've acquired the taste, you'll never want to go back to regular ice cream. Enjoy!

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