How to Get Off Lipitor and Other Cholesterol-lowering Drugs

How to Get off Lipitor and Other Cholesterol-lowering drugs

Our bodies produce all the cholesterol it needs intrinsically without needing any external source of cholesterol.

So from what external source are we receiving cholesterol that makes our cholesterol levels shoot through the roof? And the answer, almost indisputably, is from our diet. We consume dietary cholesterol from the foods we eat and this accounts for the ill and unwanted high levels of cholesterol that we have. Once we stop eating cholesterol from dietary choices, our cholesterol will drop down very quickly to the normal levels we were intended to have.

So which foods contain high levels of cholesterol? The two sources are very simple, animals and animal products.

All animals, including chickens, birds, cows, goats, pigs, deer, fish, have high levels of cholesterol. And not only this, but animal product foods, including eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. are also very high in cholesterol. These sources of food are what account for our ill health, particularly high levels of cholesterols. Once these foods are removed, cholesterol levels drop down exponentially. A plant-based vegan diet will bring cholesterol to low levels, since plant-based foods are essentially cholesterol-free. Remember, our livers produce all the cholesterol it needs, without any external source of cholesterol being necessary. Not only is cholesterol not necessary, it's harmful in that it, along with saturated fat, can cause atherosclerosis, which blocks arteries, which can lead to heart attacks.

Going on a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet can reverse increasing cholesterol levels. And once cholesterol drops, there is no longer any need for any type of cholesterol-lowering drugs or medication. It makes no sense to eat bacon and eggs in the morning, raising cholesterol levels, only to take drugs to combat it. Just get rid of the source of cholesterol, and then you will have nothing to combat.

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