How To Improve Your Body's Digestion

There are many ways you can improve your body's digestion drastically so that the foods you eat get digested with much more ease and comfort, so you don't have to suffer from indigestion and other digestive issues.

First of all, let's note that digestion takes A LOT of effort from your body. Have you ever eaten foods and then you notice that you're still burping the foods hours or even days later? This is because your body putting in a lot of its energy to break down the foods: processing it, extracting what it needs from the food such as vitamins and minerals, and eliminating the unneeded parts. Some complex foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, beef patties can take hours and hours to digest. These foods will not go into your body and be digested in 10 minutes. They take hours.

How efficient your digestion is depends on:

What Foods You Eat
Fruits and vegetables, especially when they are raw (meaning not cooked), are very easy to digest. They are full of water, which aids digestion, the majority of them are low in fat (our bodies break down carbohydrates much easier than fat), and they are full of simple sugars, which our bodies assimilate well. Other foods, such as meat, pretty much all processed foods, and especially combo foods are much, much harder to break down and can lead to digestive frustrations to those who don't have the most efficient digestions. So So if you want more efficient digestion, realize that some foods are much harder to digest than others. Stay away from all heavy combo foods and bacon cheeseburgers, oily cheese french fries, beef pizzas, and beef patties. Increase the percentage of raw fruits and vegetables that you eat. All fruits and vegetables are cholesterol free and the vast majority, except for a few such as avocadoes, durian, are low in fat. Low-fat foods digest much easier than high-fat foods. Our bodies aren't very efficient at digesting lots of fat, which is also a good reason to stay away from greasy, oily foods, as oil is 100% fat.

Another important aspect to improving your digestion, as well as lots of other facets to your health, is sleep. You must sleep. If you eat like most people three meals a day, your body's digestive system is constantly working to break down the food from all the various meals. After a day's eating, your digestive system is tired. It needs a full night's sleep to rest, recover, and rejuvenate so that it can digest efficiently again the next day. If you just keep on eating and your digestive system doesn't get rest, it will be overworked and digest food poorly. So remember to get as many hours as needed to rest your digestive system, so that it can digest efficiently. The rule is to always aim for a minimum of of 8 hours of sleep, though more or less may be needed depending on an individual's situation. But just remember, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Drinking Water
No matter what diet you are on, water will always aid and make digestion more efficient. Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. Notice how the most healthiest foods for us, fruits and vegetables, are full of water. This is because nature got it right and water acts as a lubricant in our bodies and allows food to pass through easier. Thus, your body digests more efficiently when you drink water after meals to help pass the food. Don't drink water directly after you eat because this can cause problems but if you have some water about a half an hour later, it will aid digestion greatly.

Monomeals vs. Combo meals
Monomeals are meals where you just eat one food at a time. Combo meals are meals when you eat many foods at a time. A monomeal might be a meal where you just eat mangoes. A combo meal is a meal where you might eat rice, chicken, macaroni and cheese, with salad on the side. Just common sense, which do you think is easier for your body to handle? One food at once or 100 different foods at once. Which are you able better to do? One thing at a time? Or 100 things at a time? In the same way, your body is much more efficient digesting one food at a time than many. Eating just one food at a time may seem boring, but as you keep on doing it, it becomes much more natural. Your health improves. Your digestion improves, and life just gets better. It does take practice, but after a while, you will thank yourself for starting. Begin eating meals of just one food, such as watermelon or cantaloupe or even cooked foods, such as cooked tomatoes, and your digestion will improve drastically.

So, in conclusion, if you eat low-fat fruits and vegetables and shun hard-to-digest foods such as fatty, combo meals, make sure you get adequate sleep, drink lots of water throughout the day, and eat monomeals, your digestion will improve drastically, and you'll be eating with no digestive discomfort. You will not be burping food for hours and miserable and energyless after eating meals, since all your body's energy will no longer be spent on digestion.

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