How to Lose Weight Permanently and Forever

How to Lose Weight Permanently and Forever

To lose weight permanently, you have to get out of your mindset of going on some extreme diet or a temporary diet like a 7-day diet, only to go back to the diet you were eating before. You can just use common sense to figure out that if you go on a temporary diet, the results will be temporary. To lose weight permanently, you have to change your lifestyle permanently, so that the results you obtain remain forever.

Here in this article, we are not supporting any fasting or any 7-day cabbage diet or anything of that sort. We want to give you a permanent plan for life so that you can obtain and remain your natural thin body weight that should occur if you are living healthfully.

The way to lose weight permanently and be permanently thin forever is to eat the right diet and at least exercise somewhat every day, even if it's just walking.

What is the right diet? You may be shocked to realize this but we are meant, as a human species, to eat only raw (meaning uncooked) fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables are our natural foods. If you're doubting this, just think about being in the wilderness. What grows out in the wilderness? Just fruits and vegetables. You would have no pots, pans, stoves, microwaves, or anything. Fruits and vegetables are our natural foods and if you eat them exclusively, it's impossible to gain weight. If you overeat fruits and vegetables, which is almost impossible to do, the excess would just be urinated out (as water), since fruits and vegetables are over 75% water.

Our diets should be predominated by fruits and vegetables, and if you just eat a diet of raw low-fat fruits and vegetables, it's pretty much biologically impossible to become overweight.

The culprits that cause weight gain are meat, bread, pretty much all the man-made cooked foods. Since cooking drives the water out, the excess of these foods cannot be urinated out but instead are stored in the body as fat.

So just remember if you just eat the natural biological diet of fruits and vegetables, the weight will permanently come off and being thin will be as easy and natural as ever.

Thanks for reading.

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