Ways In Which You Can Smell Better- Naturally

Ways to Smell Better Naturally

There are many things you can do so that you can smell better naturally.

If your body is wreaking of an odor, normally this is an indication that you are putting something inside of it that it doesn't want. The result is that it tries to get rid of the offending substance through any part of your body such as your skin and armpits (sweat) and mouth (bad breath). This is what creates outward smell.

However, there are aspects of your life you can change so that you'll have a much better smell:

Diet- What you eat has a profound impact on how you smell. Foods that cause odor in your body are animal, animal products, salt, onions, garlic, and so on. Just think about what happens when you eat meat. Meat is a dead animal. Think of the foul smell that occurs when a dead animal, road kill, is on the side of the road. The dead corpse of the animal begins to emit a tremendous odor after time. Now convert this into your diet. There is no difference when you decide to eat dead animals in your diet. Inside of your body, the animal's flesh erodes and decomposes, creating a foul odor. Meat usually takes a long time to digest than most other foods, so it has even more time to rot inside of your body. This creates a noxious smell in body breath, sweat, and overall body odor. Meat isn't the only offender, however. Eating basically any time of cooked food will also cause this reaction. When you eat fresh raw foods, fruits and vegetables, you will have the freshest, cleanest odor. Fruits and vegetables quickly pass through your body and don't decompose nearly as badly as a dead animal. The quick transit time in your body also means it doesn't have enough time to decompose to a high level as other foods that take longer to digest would. Thus, a diet of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables will create significantly better body odor in an individual.

Flossing- No matter what your diet is, flossing is extremely important. Bits and pieces of food will normally get stuck in between a person's teeth. If this food isn't taken out by a method such as flossing, the pieces of food will decompose in one's mouth, creating bad breath. Flossing is an effective and really the only known method to remove food that is stuck in one's teeth. It's generally recommended to floss every day. Right before going to bed is a great time to floss.

Breathing your teeth- In the same manner, brushing one's teeth is very important for personal hygiene. Again no matter what an individual's diet is, food will get scraped and abraded against one's teeth. While flossing gets rid of food stuck between one's teeth, brushing your teeth gets rid of food stuck on the surface on one's teeth. The only effective way to remove only the food remains is to brush them off. This ensures better breath and prevents other health issues such as teeth problems.

After following a clean lifestyle, after a while, such as diet, exercise, sunshine, brushing one's teeth, flossing, etc., you will find your body will emit significantly less odor until it's crystal clean almost. At this point, you can use less deodorant, never need cologne, and enjoy lots more benefits. You'll have more confidence in your smell and your body odor.

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