Is Vinegar Bad For Your Health?

vinegar is bad for health

Sorry to spoil the fun for all of you ketchup, vinegar chip-loving people but, yes, vinegar is bad for your health and it's one of the worst "foods" you can consume. The reason I have foods in quotations is because vinegar shouldn't even qualify as a food. Vinegar is actually made from an acid called acetic acid which is poisonous to human beings. Vinegar is made by diluting one part acetic acid with 19 parts water. Acetic acid is a common poison found in any chemistry laboratory in a bottle with a skull and crossbones.

All forms of vinegar, including apple cider and balsamic, are highly toxic to the human body. Vinegar excessively stimulates the thyroid gland, leading to hyperthyroidism and eventually hypothyroidism and concomitant health issues such as endocrine disorders, calcium metabolic disorders, metabolic rate disorders, fat metabolism problems, body-weight issues, lethargy, headaches, and the classic bulging of the eyes. This stimulation also accelerates the aging process.

The body pulls phosphorus from the adrenal glands to negate the effects of acetic acid in the system. Depeleted phosphorus results in impaired function of the adrenal glands and thus, again, the entire endocrine system. The outcome of all this can include body odor, pains in the heart, rapid pulse, increased mucus production, chronic fatigue, and headaches. Repetitive use of vinegar will also result in the hardening of the liver. So vinegar should not be considered as "food."

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