Sources of Lead Contamination

Sources of Lead Contamination

Where does the Lead Come From?

Sources of lead contamination are food, gasoline, paint, newspaper ink, batteries, water, water pipes, tin cans, pesticides, and air.

People are also exposed to lead in the air and water from the industrial pollution that are released into them.

All foods contain some lead. Much of the lead that works its way into food comes from industrial pollution. Lead works its way through rainfall and soil and then into plants and animals that people use for food. Lead also enters food from food containers such as tins cans sealed with lead solder and old or imported pottery decorated with lead glazes.

Paint in old homes and apartments contains lead. Many children have become deathly ill and died from nibbling on paint chips. People taking baths in painted bathtubs have become seriously sick from lead poisoning. Although residential paint no longer contains lead, paint used for other purposes, such as playground equipment, sometimes does. Pipelines with lead solder joints also release lead into bathing and drinking water. Lead in water is the country's most significant contaminant.

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