Top Reasons To Go On The Raw Diet

Antioxidants in Raw Foods

Top Reasons To Go On The Raw Diet

Hydrating- Raw foods, fruits and vegetables, are full of water. Some like melons, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, are over 90% water. Being our bodies are made up over 70% water, it is vital that we keep replenishing it with water on a regular and ongoing basis. Raw foods rehydrate us every time we eat them. Cooked food, on the other hand, has had all its water removed during the cooking process. Our bodies need water not only just to rehydrate all our cells but also to digest food. Water moves food along our long digestive system. When we eat cooked food, it dehydrates our body, because our body must pull out existing water from our reserves to digest food. As a result of eating cooked food, we dehydrate ourselves. Raw foods do the opposite.

Raw foods are low glycemic- Raw foods have a gentle spike on our blood sugar. When we eat fruits and vegetables, the sugars go into our bloodstreams, cause a gentle rise in blood sugar, and exit almost as quickly as they came in. This is not what happens when we eat cooked food, which is high glycemic, meaning it causes a rapid and erratic spike in our blood sugar. When food is cooked, the carbohydrates and starches in the food dextrinize, the sugars caramelize, and the fibers, which help to provide blood sugar balancing, are destroyed; the end product is food that causes erratic and rapid spike in our blood sugar.

Fruits and vegetables cause weight loss- Contrary to some what mainstream health people say, fruits and vegetables do not make you fat. It's virtually impossible. Fruits and vegetables are just mostly water. Water does not make you fat, especially when you go on a salt-free diet, because salt retains water in your body, which can add weight in the form of water weight. The fiber in fruits and vegetables also make them a great weight loss food. The fiber aids in carrying the food from your stomach through all your digestive organs and then to be eliminated. Fruits and vegetables, full of fiber, have a much shorter transit time in your body than foods that have little or no fiber. The fiber and water of fruits and vegetables ensure that they pass quickly through and out of your body. This translates in the food having a less chance to accumulate in your body and be stored as fat.

Raw Foods are alkalizing to our bodies- The Western diet, full of meat, dairy, grains, soda, and processed food is one of the most acidic diets on the planet. They literally change the pH of our bodies to acidic. Beverages such as soda and liquids such as vinegar are made from acids. Soda contains phosphoric acid and vinegar acetic acid. This should tell you how acidic our diets are. Our body prefers our pH to be slightly alkaline. Fruits and vegetables help maintain and keep our pH alkaline. In order for our bodies to function normally and be in its correct and normal functioning, it must have an alkaline pH. This means we should be eating fruits and vegetables, and stay far away from the acidic western diet.

Raw Foods Improve Digestion- Fruits and vegetables are the easiest foods for humans to digest. This is because they are full of water. Water is essential in order for us to digest food. It, along with fiber, which helps push food along our long digestive system, aids in digestion. Other foods are much harder to digest and taxes our digestive system. Foods such as meat can take up to 10 times longer for our bodies to process. Fruits and vegetables will definitely improve digestion.

Raw Foods Give Us More Energy- Because raw foods are so much easier to digest and our bodies can handle them so quickly and efficiently, eating them exclusively frees up so much energy. When we eat hard-to-digest combo foods like cheese bacon hamburgers and cheese mayonese fries, our bodies have to work so hard and rigorously in order to digest them. Instead of us having energy to do other activities such as exercise or any daily tasks, our bodies use almost all the energy on digesting food. When we eat easy-to-digest food, fruits and vegetables, our bodies use very little energy on digestion, so we have lots of energy to do other activities.

Raw foods are cleansing and keep our bodies clean- Raw foods are cleansing. I'm pretty sure you take showers, most likely, daily, in order to keep the outside of your body clean. But what about the inside? Don't you think that if you eat junk food, junk is going to be and remain in your body. When you eat chips, cookies, donuts, ice cream and all these other junk foods, don't you think you make a mess inside of your body, and your inside becomes really unclean. But there is hope. Just like water cleanses our outside, it cleanses our inside as well. When we stop eating the junk food and eat raw foods, which are brimming full of fresh, pure water, the water washes and cleanses us on the inside. So raw foods are very cleansing. An all-raw diet will keep us very clean.

Raw Foods prevent colds and flus- Because raw foods are so full of water and, thus, so cleansing, they protect us from sicknesses such as colds and flus that plague the majority of people who are on a standard american diet. Colds and flus are really symptoms that our body displays to show that it's highly toxic. When our bodies are loaded with toxins and mucus, that we pick up from junk food that we eat and from the environment, such as breathing in cigarette smoke or polluted air, we get a cold in response. When we have a cold, our body tries to eliminate these toxins from all avenues. We cough up phlegm. We have a stuffy or runny nose which oozes liquid. These are all attempts by our body to cleanse itself from a toxic inside. When we eat raw foods and cut out the junk foods, our bodies get cleaner, so it doesn't come down with these symptoms.

You Can Eat As Much As You Want- With a raw foods diet, you can eat as much as you want. There is no need to calorie restrict. There is only a need to calorie restrict when you're eating the WRONG foods. When you're eating the right foods that we are biologically adapted to eat, you can eat as much as you want. And your body will easily and efficiently eliminate the excess.

Raw Diet Eliminates Constipation- When you pour water into flour, what do you get? A gluey, sticky-like substance. The dough even partially sticks to your hands when you're kneading it. What do you think this is going to do inside your body? Don't you think it's going to stick and "glue" up on the inside as well? Flour isn't the only food that is void of fiber. Other foods that are very difficult for the body to pass along is meat, bread, as well as everything cooked. Remember when you cook food, the fibers, which help push food along, are partially destroyed. So the food now is more difficult to pass through. Raw food, fruits and vegetables, rich with fiber and water, passes through and gets eliminated from your body with ease.

Raw Diet Eliminates Hemorrhoids- Raw fruits and vegetables, for the vast majority of them, are soft and tender. Think of the insides of a cantaloupe or honeydew or grape- soft and tender. Now think of something hard like oats or a taco shell. Think about how harder and harsher taco shells are. Think about how harsh these hard foods are on our body. These foods can literally act like pebbles or rocks, scarring our body internally and causing bleeding. Hemorrhoids occur when these foods scar our rectum and when we defecate, we also defecate blood along with our stools. This is because these hard foods, like oats and tortilla chips, etc., scar our bodies as they pass out of our rectums. Fruits and vegetables have no such effect, as the majority of them, excluding cruciferous vegetables, are soft and tender. It would be impossible for them to cause any scarring internally as they're not hard or sharp enough to do so. However, hard, and sharp-edged foods like tortilla chips can easily do so.

Raw Diet Gives Mental Clarity- Because raw foods are low glycemic, as mentioned above, they do not cause rapid and erratic spikes in our blood sugar, as high-glycemic foods do. Our brains function off the glucose in our bloodstream. When we eat foods that are high glycemic, the glucose in our blood goes extremely high, in which we get hyperactive and jittery, and then our pancreas, in order to counter the rapid spike, secretes insulin in order to lower our blood sugar. Then we suffer low blood sugar, which gets us down. This rapid rising and lowering causes mood swings and mental instability. When we eat low glycemic foods, our blood sugar gently rises and falls. There is no rapid, erratic highs and lows. The brain does not have to deal with this. Thus, we are much more stable and have more mental stability.

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