What is the 80-10-10 Diet?

80-10-10 Diet

The 80-10-10 Diet is a raw-food, vegan diet in which 80% or more of a person's calories comes from carbohydrates, primarily fruit, 10% or less comes from proteins, and 10% or less comes from fat.

The chart below shows the caloric breakdown that someone following the 80-10-10 diet would follow in terms of percentage of calories coming from each of the 3 nutrient groups: carbohydrates, proteins, and fat.

Calorie Percentages of 80-10-10 diet

The 80-10-10 Diet is a high-carbohydrate diet that espouses that 80% or more of one's calories come from raw fresh low-fat fruits. This may include mangoes, bananas, apples, watermelons, cantaloupe, grapes, or any other various low-fat fruits. The 80-10-10 diet believes carbohydrates are our most natural energy source and should supply most of our calories. Our bodies are fueled naturally by sugar which is what fruit supplies us.

Less than 10% of our calories should come from protein. The 80-10-10 diet believes that the whole "where do you get your protein?" scam is a myth and propaganda formed by the meat and dairy industries. We are at our optimal health when we consume only a little protein, which should be less than 10% of our calories eaten for the day. The 80-10-10 Diet rejects all protein shakes, powders, and raw meat and eggs. It believes that too much protein is very acid forming in the body which can lead to a host of health problems such as arthritis and cancer.

Less than 10% of our calories should also come from fat. The 80-10-10 diet believes that fat should be kept low and when fat exceeds 10% of our calories, health decline occurs. This may include digestive disturbances (because fat is very hard to digest), blood disorders (since fat can clog the bloodstream), and degenerative disease. Although the 80-10-10 diet does say occasional avocado and durians are a good complement to the raw-food diet, these should be eaten sparingly so that the percentage of our calories coming from fat remain low.

Heavily composed of low-fat fruits, the 80-10-10 Diet believes that the consumption of leafy greens is important as well for health, since vegetables are more mineral dense than fruits and supply us with needed minerals.

The 80-10-10 Diet is a vegan diet and doesn't support the consumption of any animal or animal products, including honey, for reasons of health, ecology, and compassion.

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