What is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise?

The best time of the day to exercise may very well be in the morning. This is especially true if you've had a good night's rest and ate enough from the day before so that you're not hungry in the morning.

Since you're not hungry and you're well rested from just waking up from a night's sleep, you have lots of energy first thing in the morning. This, of course, is why so many people go for a morning's jog or run.

However, even though the morning is an ideal time, you can exercise at any point of the day when you have the energy. However, when you exercise, make sure, just like stated, that you have the energy to do so. Exercising when weak or tired isn't helpful at all and can lead to dizziness and a whole of other problems while exercising. So make sure you have the energy and will power to exercise when you do so. Also, it's best not to exercise right after eating. This is because the food isn't digested right away and you're exercising on a full stomach, which can lead to the food being overturned in your body before being digested, which can lead to an upset stomach. If you eat right before exercising, make sure it is very light. Or wait until the food is digested, then exercise. Another reason it is usually not a good idea to exercise right after eating is because digestion takes lots of energy from your body. When you eat and then exercise, your body has to divert energy from digesting the food into the exercise, and thus cannot digest as efficiently. The body doing the two together takes too much energy. Thus, it's better for your body to focus on digesting the food first. Then you can exercise.

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