Why are People So Obese?

why are people so fat and obese

People are so obese because they are eating the wrong diet. They are consuming foods that our bodies are not biologically adapted to take in. Certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables, our bodies were made to and are extremely efficient at handling and digesting. Other foods, our bodies are not meant to handle and are poor at digesting. Our bodies are very poor in processing and eliminating these foods; therefore, Our bodies cannot digest and eliminate them properly and so converts them into fat. This translates in extra weight.

We, as human beings, are frugivores. We are biologically adapted to eating a diet of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are our natural foods. Our bodies are extremely efficient at digesting and eliminating them. They also supply us with all of our body's needs such as for vitamins, minerals, and all other essentials.

Other foods, that make up the SAD diet, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, donuts, cookies, ice cream, soda, chocolate bars and all candies, our bodies were never meant to ingest and process. Fruits and vegetables take an extremely short time for our bodies to process and eliminate compared to foods such as those mentioned above. Meat is extremely hard for our bodies to digest, and in fact takes days before the whole digestive cycle is complete. Usually people eat meals every day. So the food cannot be eliminated before the meal is even done with the digestive process. So the body can't catch up. So it simply stores the food as fat in the body.

Exercise also obviously is a factor. An individual cannot be completely sedentary. With the amount of cars driven, elevators, escalators, office jobs, etc., physical activity is most likely the least that it's ever been in the history of mankind, pushing obesity up.

So between diet and exercise, which have both gone for the worst, obesity is at its all time high.

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