Why Do We Have a Sweet Tooth?

Why do we have a sweet tooth?

We have a sweet tooth because we are meant to crave and want sweets and sugar. We should eat sweets. That's why our sweet tooth is there. We're supposed to and are designed to crave and eat sweets and sugar in our diet. This sweet craving shouldn't at all be suppressed. It's natural. But what type of sweets are we supposed to have? The sweets that our sweet tooth meant to bring us to are the ones found in nature, specifically, fruits:

Our sweet tooth leads us to fruits

sweet tooth not meant to crave bad sweets

Most people use their sweet tooth to crave the bad type of sweets. The type of sweets that are not found in nature. The type of sweets that are created by companies in factories such as Hersheys chocolate bars, snicker bars, babe ruths, butterfingers, Musketeers... These are not the type of sweets that our sweet tooth meant to bring us to originally.

Before all of these company made candies such as the ones mentioned above were created and before we lived in industrial society, all we had was the food that nature yielded up, which are fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very sweet and full of healthy sugars which fuel our body, giving us all the energy we need. Our sweet tooth would naturally bring us to them in nature and until we ate them in sufficient quantity, our sweet tooth would not be satisfied.

Today, however, there is confusion regarding our sweet tooth, whether we have one, whether we should ignore it. But we have one for a very good purpose, to eat our natural foods found in nature, which are fruits and select vegetables.

This is an article just to raise awareness that fruits and vegetables are our best natural and healthiest foods and we should increase them in our diet until they predominate it.

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