Why Dried Fruit is Not Healthy

Why Dried Fruit is Not Healthy For You

Contrary to what the mainstream health world says, dried fruit is not healthy for us and can cause all types of problems in our bodies. In this article, we will list some of the chief reasons why dried fruit is not healthy. And why it's best to avoid it.

Causes Dehydration- One of the first reasons dried fruit is bad for you is that it is dehydrated, emptied of all its water. Raw plants, without undergoing drying or any processing, is full of water which serves to hydrate us and cleanse our bodies. Water also serves to help digest the food that we eat and must present for the proper digestion of food. So for our body to digest dried fruit, which lacks any type of water, it must now pull water from our bodies. This is why we get dehydrated from eating dried fruit. And this is why so many complain of being thirsty after eating dried fruit. Instead of supplying us with water and hydrating us, it gives us no water and actually takes existing water out of our reservoir.

Causes Spikes in Blood Sugar- When fruit is dried, as mentioned before, the water is removed. When the water is removed, the sugars become closer together and are now more concentrated per unit area. When we now eat dried fruit, the concentrated sugars make it harder for our bodies to manage and break it down. Our pancreas must work harder to produce the insulin to break down these concentrated sugars. And even then, it may not do so effectively. So you may have elevated blood sugar levels. In the long term, this can lead to pancreatic problems. Again, another reason, plain fresh fruits serve us better.

Causes Cavities and Tooth Damage- Dried fruit helps to cause cavities because in its dry state, fruit is extremely sticky. This is because the fruit doesn't have the water to naturally dilute and keep the sugars apart. So when we eat dried fruit, it sticks into all the different places in our teeth very easily. Bacteria will eventually break down the dried fruit stuck in our teeth. However, unfortunately for our teeth, the bacteria produces an extremely acidic metabolic waste product, which is deposited directly on our teeth. The acid from the bacteria dissolves our tooth enamel and the roots of teeth, if any are exposed.

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