Why Fish Is Not Healthy

Why Fish is Unhealthy

Most people would have you believe that fish is healthy. But the truth is, it isn't. You may think I'm nuts for saying this because it's been circulated for so long that fish is a health food and, after all, most people eat fish. But look at the widespread diseases prevalent everywhere. Obviously people are doing stuff terribly wrong, so to gain insight, you have to look outside conventional wisdom. In this article, I'm going to examine why fish is not healthy and the reasons it isn't.

High In Cholesterol
Fish has the same problem that every other meat group has- it is very high in cholesterol. Fish such as shrimp and salmon top the list. So many people in this world struggle with high cholesterol, which can lead to issues such as atherosclerosis, which is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This in turn raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. Our bodies naturally produce all the cholesterol it needs from the liver without needing any external source, such as from diet. When we regularly eat high-cholesterol foods such as fish, we are putting ourselves at risk for heart issues later in life. Fish is one contributor of this. Plant foods are essentially cholesterol free and are much safer on our bodies.

High in Protein
Despite the fact that what is being promoted in the food world, high-protein foods and diets are not healthy and sustainble to our bodies. It seems like the protein craze is some scam or propaganda led by the meat and dairy industries to have you believe that you need to eat as much protein as possible to live and have the best health, when in fact, our bodies need and do best with only a small amount of protein. All foods, to some degree, have protein, so it's pretty much impossible to become protein deficient. In fact, there's not even a medical term for protein deficiency. The bigger danger actually is consuming too much protein. Too much protein in our bodies cause many health problems. Protein-based foods are highly acid forming in the human body. This is because their predominant minerals- chlorine, phosphorus, and sulfur. To maintain homeostasis, the body must counterbalance the acidity caused by excess protein consumption by removing a precious alkaline mineral, calcium, from our bloodstream. To replenish the bloodstream of calcium, where calcium levels must remain constant, our body removes calcium from our bones and teeth, setting the stage for osteoporosis and tooth decay. Excess protein consumption also can cause problems such as constipation, and other digestive disorders that often lead to toxemia (toxic blood and tissues), and eventually, cancer. Autoimmune dysfunction, arthritis, impaired liver function, kidney failure, and many other degenerative conditions.

Thus, fish, being high in protein, is not among our ideal foods. Fish, like all other high-protein foods, are acid forming in the body and can lead to all the above mentioned conditions.

Too Much and Not Right Fat
Another reason we are told to eat fish is because fish supposedly is loaded with omega 3s and omega 6s. We need those, right? Omega 3s and omega 6s are just another term for fat. They are compounds of fat. Most people don't need to worry about eating their dose of fat, because we can get fat from other foods that don't supply the excess cholesterol and protein that undoubtedly comes from fish. We can get enough fat just from eating other healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables. Avocadoes, 70% fat, supplies healthy monounsaturated fat without the levels of cholesterol and protein that fish has. So, we definitely shouldn't be scammed by the fancy-sounding omega 3s and 6s.

Most Fish Found with High Levels of Mercury
All meat seems to have issues. If it's cow, then it's ecoli. If it's fish, then it's mercury. Most fish that are out there have been found with traces of mercury. These can be especially dangerous to the fetuses of nursing mothers, which can be poisoned by the mercury and cause problems in the child's developing nervous system. Now I realize that no food is perfectly clear of all toxins. All foods carry them. Even organic fruits and vegetables can have slight traces of pesticides on them. But with the excess cholesterol and bad fat, why add mercury to the mix?

We're Not Aquatic Animals
This is just a common sense reasoning. We are not aquatic animals. We don't have gills. We can't spend long periods of time in water. Therefore, we wouldn't naturally get most of our food from the water. We are land animals. Therefore, most of our food, if not all, should come from the land.

So, in concluding remarks, it seems like fish is not the health food it's made out to be. Maybe this is a push from the fish industry to have people think their products are healthy, just like the meat and dairy industries have pushed their propaganda on us for years. But, yeah, fish can't be deemed as a health food.

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