Why You Should Never Eat Cooked Food

Why you should never eat cooked food

This article may come as a surprise to you, but cooked food and all cooked food is bad for you and is detrimental to your health.

Before you back out of this page and dismiss this article off, let's go over some reasons now as to the dangers that cooking causes in food and why the cooked food is bad and causes damage to our bodies.

Cooked Food is Toxic
When you cook food, the proteins coagulate and are rendered useless and in fact toxic to the body. The carbohydrates dextrinize. The fats become toxic and in fact carcinogenic when cooked. Your body sees all of this mess as waste. Just think: fire destroys. Fire damages. When you put something to fire, the fire changes its composition and rearranges everything. This is what fire does to food. After eating such foods for a while, our bodies get filled with toxic waste. All cooked food is rendered toxic by the heat. This is why we humans suffer from all kinds of problems such as colds, flus, and sicknesses. Our bodies are filled with waste. Proof of this is during colds. During colds, we have running noses, more mucus in our nose, we cough phlegm. Our bodies are using all the available avenues to rid of itself of all the toxicity inside. If you look at raw foods, raw fruits and vegetables, they are filled with fresh water to wash and purify us out. Cooked food is waterless and toxic, clogging us up.

Cooked Food is High Glycemic
When you cook food, damage is done to the sugars in the food. The sugars in the food caramelize under the heat, making them higher glycemic in nature. High glycemic means that the food causes a more rapid rise in your blood sugar. This causes a more rapid rise in your blood sugar, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, wrinkles in skin, and just plain irritability. This all comes from the rapid rising of blood sugar. Raw food is low glycemic and produces no such response.

Cooked Foods Cause Dehydration
Water is one of our most important needs. Our bodies are more than 75% water, which proves we need to replenish water in our bodies on a daily basis or else we risk the chance of becoming dehydrated. When we cook foods, the heat dries up all the water in the food. So cooking drives out all the water. So when we eat cook foods, we're eating dehydrated, waterless foods. Our bodies need water in order to digest foods. When we eat waterless foods, the body pulls water out of our body to digest it, dehydrating us. Raw foods (fruits and vegetables) are full of water. They replenish our bodies with water and they're easier to digest because of the water content.

Cooked Foods Have Very Little Nutrients
When you cook food, you destroy a lot of the vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, a very heat sensitive vitamin, is destroyed by up to 97%. Other vitamins and minerals are also destroyed in the process. Thus, in the end, cooked foods are not very nutritious, as when compared to their raw counterparts, which have all their vitamins and minerals intact. It makes sense again hopefully. Fire destroys.

Cooked Foods Causes Imbalances in Your Body
When we cook foods, like stated before, we destroy lots of the parts of the food. What was before a whole food now becomes destroyed to partial bits. So cooked foods are no longer whole foods. When we eat foods, nature intended that we get the foods with the vitamin and mineral ratio of how the foods was created. But when we cook it, we destroy the natural ratio. So the food is now imbalanced, partial product and causes imbalances in our body.

These are just some of the reasons why you should not eat cooked foods. There are lots more. But these are some of the chief reasons.

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