You Should Avoid Eating Waxed Fruit

Avoid eating waxed fruit

Fruits are waxed to help the fruit retain moisture. With the fruit being less dry, there is less likely chance of it becoming brittle and bruising as easily. The wax makes transporting fruits over long distances easier, since the fruit likely will be less subject to this damage.

However, the treatment of waxes on fruit comes with a price. Having the waxes inside our bodies is undesirable. Even natural sources in which the wax is derived, such as from palm tree leaves, should not be in our bodies. We don't know the effect of every type of wax because it would have to be studied in detail and the long term effects would have to be carefully evaluated, but for these situations, we can just use common instincts. If you were out in nature and you saw palm tree leaves, would you eat this? Would you let this into your body? No, you wouldn't. It wouldn't look like food. You wouldn't eat tree leaves. Remember that we have instincts just like all the other animals in the animal kingdom. We can tell what is food and what is not. Most likely in nature we would reach for fruits and vegetables, not tree leaves. So if you obey this law, you would not ingest any of this, yet this is the same stuff that you ingest when you eat waxed fruit. Follow your primal instincts. You don't have to wait for everything to be studied in a lab to determine what to eat and what not to eat. Follow your instincts on what nature offers up to you unrefined and choose primally what you would eat.

Besides the fact that you don't want the wax on the fruit in your body, waxes are also dangerous because they trap in pesticides that have been sprayed on the fruit. The wax is usually very sticky and gluelike. Thus, it retains the other elements of the skin of the fruit, which are pesticides for conventional fruit. Since the wax cannot be washed off, neither can the pesticides on washed fruit, since they're trapped in the unwashable wax. Thus, when you ingest waxed fruit, you are ingesting the pesticides that come with them, which are known to have serious health consequences.

Since the wax of fruit cannot be washed off, there are two options you can do. If you choose to buy waxed fruit, peel off the skin completely, and then eat. This can work, but usually the skin of the fruit contains the bulk of the fiber which is needed for stability in blood sugar metabolism and for ease of elimination of waste of the food. But if you only have access to conventional fruit, you may decide to make this compromise. The other option is to buy organic local produce. Even organic produce from far-off distances can have the wax (local shouldn't), because the so-called "natural wax" is deemed organic and it helps fruit in long travel distances.

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