Difference Between an Unordered List and an Ordered List

Difference between unordered and ordered lists

The difference between an unordered and an ordered list is simple.

An unordered list is a list where the order of elements in the list isn't important. Unordered lists generally contain bullet points.

Below is an example of an unordered list:

Unordered list

The unordered list above shows a grocery shopping list. The order in which the groceries are picked up at the supermarket isn't important, so there is no order in which to pick up what grocery first. What matters is just that they are all picked up.

An ordered list is a list in which order matters, meaning the first task should be done first, then the second, third...and so on. Ordered lists usually have some kind of numeric counter preceding each list item.

Below is an example of an ordered list:

Ordered List

The ordered list above is a "to-do list." It is ordered because the tasks should be completed as they are numbered. So the order in which they are done are important.

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