American Killers-
Kosta Fotopoulos and Deidre Hunt

Kosta Fotopoulos and Deidre Hunt

Konstantinos "Kosta" Fotopoulos and Deidre Hunt were two American serial killers who were convicted of the murders of two men, 18-year-old Bryan Chase and 19-year-old Kevin Ramsey. Kosta Fotopoulos was given a death sentence for his role and is currently on death row, while Deidre Hunt has a life sentence in prison.

The troubles begins when Kosta starts to get bored with his marriage to Lisa Fotopoulos and starts seeing other women. His wife, Lisa, was very conserved and laid back. Kosta didn't like this. He wanted more excitement, spontaneity, and thrill, which is what he got when he met a lady by the name of Deidre Hunt, a bartender who worked at his nightclub. The two begin having an affair, and love as well as a deadly duo combo sparks off.

When Lisa finds out about this affair, she is infuriated and threatens to leave the marriage and divorce Kosta. This, however, doesn't sit well with Kosta, since he would be out to lose much if this occurred. Lisa was the owner of a number of businesses in the Daytona Beach, FL area, including a very wealthy and prosperous arcade. If she divorced him, he would miss out on all the money generated from her business.

Bryan Chase, one of Kosta Fotopoulos victims

Kosta tried but couldn't talk Lisa into staying in the marriage, and he really loved the excitement of life more with Deidre Hunt. The two decide that Lisa should go and from then on, he plots to kill her. With her dead, he could have custody of the business and gain hundreds of thousands of dollars from her life insurance. He decides that he doesn't want to kill her outright himself and hires a hit man to do it, 18-year-old Bryan Chase.

Bryan Chase was hired by Kosta to kill his wife, Lisa. They set up the plan that Bryan should go into the house at nighttime while Kosta and Lisa were asleep and he should shoot her to death at that time. And Bryan does that exact thing. Only one thing he doesn't know- Kosta Fotopoulos is a cold man and he betrays Bryan. Bryan, who was hired to kill Lisa, was supposed to get $10,000 as a reward. But Bryan never lives to his reward cash. When Bryan comes in and shoots Lisa in her head, Kosta then gets out his gun and shoots Bryan Chase to death.

When giving an account to the police, Kosta tells the police that an intruder who he had never seen before had broken into his house and shot his wife. In defense and to protect his family, he tells the police he shot Bryan and killed him. For this, Kosta is hailed as a hero, who saves his family from a violent intruder. This is until police finds out his grudge against his wife and his conspiracy.

Kevin Ramsey killed by Deidre Hunt and Kosta Fotopoulos

Kosta's killing does not stop here. With Deidre Hunt as his accomplice, Kosta feels embrazoned to go on the killing path again. This time he targets someone at his job, 19-year-old Kevin Ramsey. Kevin Ramsey is a bartender at Kosta's bar. Kosta and Kevin get into a dispute at the bar in which Kevin believes that he should be in on more money being that he knows Kosta is involved in a counterfeit money operation. As a result of being fired, he threatens to blackmail Kosta on this counterfeit money scheme. Kosta decides to kill him and makes his accomplice and girlfriend, Deidre Hunt, shoot him with a .22 caliber gun with a silencer. She shoots him 3 times in the chest and once in the head, killing him. This makes the second murder that Kosta is involved in.

However, Kosta does not get away and now his one-timer lover and partner Deidre Hunt rats him out to police. Deidre talks about both murders, as she was present in both of them. For the murder of Bryan Chase, she confirms with police that Kosta hired Bryan to kill his wife and in fact had many other people try before unsuccessfully. Deidre then talks about the Kevin Ramsey murder. She leads authorities to Kevin's body, who they killed out in the woods, and talks in detail about the murder. She says that Kosta gave her the gun, a .22 caliber with a silencer, and ordered her to shoot Kevin. She told authorities how during the incident, Kosta videotaped the whole thing and the murder could be seen on a 57-second tape video.

For their roles in the killings, Kosta Fotopoulos was sentenced to death, while Deidre Hunt was given a life sentence.


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