Killing Duo-
Maurice Mason and Bennie Frier

Maurice Mason and Bennie Frier

Maurice Mason and Bennie Frier are a killing duo, uncle and nephew, who murder two people and abduct another. They kill 50-year-old taxi cab driver John Romberg because of not having the money to pay for the fare and 22-year-old Jennifer Hitchcock. Jennifer Hitchcock is Mason's past girlfriend but Mason is still obsessed with her. Maurice Mason takes Jennifer against her will in his obsession with her and ends up killing her because of his jealousy of not wanting her to ever be with another man. He orders Frier to pull the trigger in the head and Jennifer is shot in the back of the head. For their murders, Mason gets a life sentence in prison while Bennier Frier receives a 40-year sentence.

The story all begins at a party. Jennifer Hitchcock is hanging out with friends at a party in Lincoln, Nebraska. A man then comes up to her and introduces himself. The man's name is Maurice Mason. Although Jennifer is 22 and Mason is 37, 15 years older than her, she is immediately drawn to him.

Jennifer's childhood was characterized as a turbulent struggle as her parents suffered from mental health problems. She lived at times with her aunt, at other times with grandmother, and even at foster homes. Maurice Mason seemed like a way for her to have someone in her life and find happiness.

The two seem to have a normal relationship for a while. However, Mason turns out to be quite a manipulative person. He seizes on Jennifer's vulnerabilities and persuades her for him to move in with her. Jennifer grants him his request, and now living with her, his true character comes out. Mason turns out to be an absolute control freak and he tries to control every aspect of Jennifer's life, never letting her out of his sight and wanting to know everything she was doing. Maurce trie to control by use of threats. He threatens to kill her grandfather and even blow up her house, and through this constant intimidation, Jennifer grows in fear. She is now basically a prisoner in her own home.

After months of abuse, Jennifer decides that she can't take it anymore and wants to flee from the situation. But she is too scared to tell Mason to his face that she wants him out. so she leaves a note telling Mason she wants him gone, and in the meantime, moves in with her relatives. Within days, though, Mason gets back in touch with her and says that he will move out and leave Jennifer in peace if she does one last favor, which is travel to wisconsin with him, which Mason claims is for to see his son. He claims the trip is only for a few days.

Jennifer hesitates but he sweet talks her and she finally agrees. They travel 500 miles to Wisconsin and stay at a motel. Days, which Mason promises to leave in, turn into weeks, and Jennifer's family grows worried. He repeatedly promises that they will return to Nebraska but that day never comes. While having Jennifer at his motel, he takes full advantage and demands sex whenever he wants to and Jennifer basically gets reduced to a sex slave. Every time they were supposed to leave, Mason comes up with an excuse, and they never do. He even lies to her family members. Desperate and running low on cash, they ask Jennifer's family to send over money such as for gas or to fix something on the car. Mason promises in return to bring Jennifer back as soon as they do. However, Mason never does bring Jennifer back and keeps offering excuse after excuse.

Jennifer's aunt calls police and tells them Jennifer may be held against her will. The police track down the couple at a local motel in Wisconsin. They take Jennifer away from Mason. Mason during this ordeal gets agitated but Jennifer is taken away. Her aunt and uncle drives her back to Lincoln, Nebraska. To Jennifer again, life seems like it's becoming normal again. She is back with her family. She is looking forward to going back to school.

However, Mason is not done with her. He is humiliated by the fact that Jennifer has deserted him and he seeks revenge.

Before Mason moved in with Jennifer, he lived with his nephew, Bennie Frier. Frier, with a distraught, abusive childhood, looks up to Mason and he sees him as someone he can trust. Being that his father was locked up in prison for crimes, he saw Mason as a father figure. Ben was very vulnerable of Mason's manipuations because of his tight trust.

Mason with Frier drive to Lincoln, Nebraska. Mason drops Frier off at a friend's apartment and then gets Jennifer on the phone. He tells her and coerces her that he wants to see for a few minutes. Jennifer, possibly through fear, agrees and goes. After several hours of aimlessly driving around, Jennifer tells Mason she wants to go home. They argue and his rage sparks out of control. He throws Jennifer to the ground and smashes her over the head with a 40 oz beer bottle. He then pushes her head into a bucket of motor oil, which Mason tries to drown her in. But she fights back and gets away. But Mason haunts her down and grabs her. He shoves her into his car trunk and drives off. He then picks up Frier and they rent a motel and smuggle her inside and try and clean her wounds.

John Romberg killed by Maurice Mason and John Romberg

The three then set out on their travels back to Wisconsin. Desperate for money, they look for someone to rob. They go to an old acquaintance in Wisconsin, 45-year-old David Kline. Mason and Frier grab Kline and tie him up, and then rob him. They don't shoot him but just leave him tied up to die. When in custody, Mason later leads police to Kline and they find him alive. Due to the tight binding around his hands, he loses his hands and must be amputated.

30 miles away, the three arrive a motel. They buy a shotgun at a store to use for future robberies. While driving on a remote road, they get into car troubles, their car being unable to move, stuck in mud. They walk over to a local bar and call for a taxi to come pick them up, which picks up all three of them outside the bar. The driver, 50-year-old John Romberg, believes it will just be an average pick up and dropoff. He drives them to their destination. And when it's time to leave, Mason tells the taxi driver he has no way to pay. When Romberg disputes for his payment for the ride, Mason shoots him fatally with the shotgun. Mason and Frier now abduct one man and now kill another. Yet their spree is still not over.

Jennifer Hitchcock killed by Maurice Mason and Bennie Frier

The three then head over just a block away to a house occupied by Frier's brother and sister-in-law. They stay there for the night. The following morning, the trio leave the house and they go on the move again. This time, they head into the woods. Having murdered a taxi driver and tied up someone they know, Mason and Frier know their journey is coming to an end and police may be after them. However, before it's over, Mason, as he's done many times, rapes Jennifer. Frier, then, joins in and also has forced sex with her. After this, the two decide that Jennifer must die. She knows too much about all the crimes the two have committed but even the most important reason Mason says she must die is because of his obsessive love over her. If he goes to prison, he can't bear the thought of another guy having her. He doesn't want to have to be the one to kill his love, Jennifer, so he gives the shotgun to his nephew, Frier, and tells him to finish her off. Frier takes the gun and shoots Jennifer in the back of the head, killing her.

For their roles in the crimes, Maurice Mason gets a life sentence in prison while his nephew Bennie Frier gets 40 years in prison.

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