Review of Google Flights Vs. Travelocity/Expedia

Google Flights

Google Flights is another software that can be used to find the best deals on flights to anywhere where you need to travel to. Other similar software that search for flights are travelocity, expedia, kayak.

In this article, I want to review some of the pros and cons of Google Flights to try to educate the user on the benefits and disadvantages that it offers.

 Google Flights Does not offer support to countries outside the US

First, I couldn't give the pros without giving the major con, which doesn't even make Google Flight a real competitor right now versus all the other flight searching software. Google Flight currently, at least in its initial stages, does not offer support for finding tickets outside the United States. Thus, now, it can only be used for domestic flights. In this age, where people love travelling internationally such as to Europe, Asia, and abroad, this is a huge setback, which makes Google Flight very useless for many flights.

However, I am sure, Google will update this, but until they do, they can't match up against the softwares that can track all flights, to all countries, such as Travelocity, Expedia, etc.


Apart from this major bug, which Google will definitely fix, Google Flights is an amazing program to find the best flights and has added functionalities that make searching for a flight easier and a better experience. We'll discuss these below.

This is the menu that Google Flights provides for selecting flights:

Google Flights Menu

These are the options that you have above to filter out flights so that you can find the flight that best suits your needs.

Google offers a number of selection options that makes filtering out flights you don't want very easy. I will discuss these options right now below:

When selecting flights, you can specify:

The Price-You can specify how much you wan to pay for the flight. Google will have options, such as "Under $850," "Under $550," etc., so that you can fit your budget to meet the flight.

The Duration of the Flight-You can specify how long you want the duration of your trip to be from where you're going to where you want to be. You can increase or decrease the time by half-hour slots to a duration that you feel is comfortable for you. So for example, you might have an 8-hour from New York to Las Vegas, but decide 8 hours is too long. So you decrease the duration time to 6 hours and then choose from flights available there. A great feature by Google Flights.

Any number of stops-You can specify if you want the flight to be nonstop all the way to your appointed destination or you can select "1 Stop or less." Most flight searching programs do not even give you this option, so right away with Google Flights, you can see just nonstop flights if you want. Definitely an added advantage.

The Airline To Use-You have the option of choosing any airlines in want, in which case google will show you all the airlines that offer flights from and to that you want, or you can specify the specific airline or airlines that you want. Google will show all the airlines that offer flights to where you want to go, and you simply uncheck any airlines that you don't want to fly with.

City To Connect Via-Google Flights even has an option for you to choose which city you want to connect in if you decide not to make it nonstop. Also a unique feature I haven't seen before in any other flight searchers.

Outbound time & Return Time-You can also specify what time you want to leave for the departure flight and do the same for the Return flight. So for example, you can choose a flight that leaves between 9pm-12am for August 31th, and Google will find all flights that match this criterion.

Another great benefit of Google Flights is it shows you visually the route that you take when you choose a flight so that you can see it and visualize it on a map. I know this isn't necessary or important for booking the flight, but it's cool to see it.

All in all, with all these added features that allow you to narrow down a flight to the exact features that you want it, Google Flights is a great flight searching software. Once it gets the international flights going, it's going to be a powerhouse that will give travelocity, expedia, and others competition in the market.

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