American Killers-
Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter

Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter

Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter are two American killers who murdered two men, Donald Wood and Christopher Brouillard, in Lebanon, Maine in March of 1999. Patricia Teeter was the lookout woman, or so-called "bait" in the murders. On the night in which the murder spree occurred, pretending to have car problems and in need of help, she knocked on the door of the two unsuspecting men and asked for their help. When they came outside, Steven Brown then attacked and beat the men, dragging them into the woods, and stabbing the men to their deaths. For their roles, Steven Brown was sentenced to life in prison while Patricia Teeter received a 49-year prison sentence.

It all began in the summer of 1981 when a young college girl named Debra met Steven Brown, a ex-marine who then worked as a guard at a shipyard. He rode a motorcycle and had tattoos, kind of like the bad boy type, exactly the type of men that Debra liked. She falls for him and the two begin a deep relationship. The relatonship goes great for a while. Steven Brown even moves in with Debra's family, but troubles soon begin to emerge. It is learned that Steven has a very bad past. And upon her stepfather investigating who lived in the house, it is known that Steven has psychological problems and can act aggressive and violent when under stress.

However, Debra wants to hear none of this. She loves Steven and decides to move out from her family and live a life with him. The two move to Florida and get married there and begin a family. They have two children, a son and a daughter. During episodes of their marriage, Steve's temper shows again and again. Sometimes, Debra even endures physical abuse, such as Stephen shoving her to the floor. After bad episodes, Steven would apologize. Still in love, Debra would try to overlook the horrid incidents, believing they were just one-time incidences from her husband. The two move all around, such as to Virginia, Florida, and Maine, and eventually settle in Newfield, New York. There, Steven gets a stable job, with his parents living very close by. He seems stable for a while and the domestic abuse seems to stop. Debra reasons that maybe her husband's violent tempers would no longer be repeated.

However, this proves not to be the case and Steven's anger and temper issues flare up again. Debra once again becomes a battered object and is the subject of Steven's abuse for 16 painful years. The children live in fear in the house at Steven's violent episodes and experience all the mayhem going on at home. When Steven loses his well-paid job, more stress builds up, and the violent episodes become more severe and frequent. It reaches the breaking point where Debra decides enough is enough and she is not going to take anymore. She takes her children to a domestic violence center and hires an attorney to seek a protective order against her husband. She then phones her brother and father to rescue her from her present situation.

On a typical day when Steven goes to work, she decides she's going to high-tail it out of that home with her two children. Steven believes that she's going to work and the children are going to school, but as soon as he leaves, everyone packs up their things and Debra and her brother and father pack up all their things and head out to a residence they were living at in Lebanon, Maine. There, Debra and her children live a new life. And the protective order she filed goes in her favor. Her husband is not allowed to be anywhere near her or the children.

When Steven finds out he's been ditched like this by his wife, his anger takes the best of him and he decides that he's going to seek revenge. While away from his wife at that time, he meets another woman by the name of Patricia Teeter. Patricia Teeter is a loyal woman who is desperate for love. She meets and falls for Steven and is willing to do anything he tells her to. The two pack their stuff and decide to head to Lebanon, Maine, where his wife and children are staying. They bring knives, shotguns, pipes, and other weaponry with them. The deadly duo combo is on.

While at the residence in Maine with her brother, Donald wood, Debra meets a new man in her life, Christopher Brouillard. Christopher, unlike steven, is a nonviolent man who treats Debra well. Debra is surprised she is in a relationship without domestic abuse and is very happy in this relationship. However, when steven Brown finds out about this relationship, his jealousy is aroused and his fury increases tenfold.

On the night when Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter arrive at the residence where Debra is staying, the revenge is on. Steven wants to isolate and get Debra out of the house where her family is staying and due to his sheer hatred for her betrayal in leaving with the kids, his hatred extends to her whole family.

Donald Wood killed by Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter

Steven and Patricia arrive at the house on March 28, 1999 at around 11:45pm. Patricia Teeter, who is unknown, acts as the bait to bring the family members out of the house, one by one, until they can get to Debra, the real source of his anger, and isolate her alone. The couple decide to pretend they have car trouble and knock and bring out people by asking for their help with the car.

Patricia Teeter goes to the door and knocks, and out comes Debra's brother, Donald Wood. Donald is great with cars and loves helping other people. Little does he know what lurks for him outside. when he looks at the engine and asks Patricia to start up the car, Steven Brown attacks Donald Wood with a pipe, knocking him out. He then drags Donald into the woods and repeatedly stabs him with a knife until he's dead.

Patricia Teeter does the same thing again. He goes up the door again and Debra's daughter answers. Patricia tells Debra's daughter that Donald needs Christopher Brouillard's help with the car. Debra's daughter agrees and gets Christoper. Christopher goes outside to the car and asks where Don is. The same fate takes him. Steven Brown comes out of the bushes and hits Christopher over the head with a pipe, and just like Donald, carries him into the woods and repeatedly stabs him to his death.

Christopher Brouillard killed by Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter

Now with both men out of the house, they can get to Debra. So Patricia Teeter goes back to the house and knocks on the door. This time, Deborah answers. Patricia tries to lead her to the car on foot, but Deborah insists on driving to the "broken-down" car. While driving there, she spots Steven Brown and is terrified. The two, Steven and Patricia, catch up to Debra and kidnap her into their vehicle. They drive all the way to a motel in New York, where Steven sexually assaults her for two days and threatens her for her life.

Police know that Debra has been kidnapped but they don't know where her assailants have brought her. However, they receive a tip from the public to her whereabouts and police stake and raid the motel, arresting Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter without any harm to Debra.

For his role in the crime, Steven Brown gets 5 life sentences in prison. Patricia Teeter gets 49 years in prison for her involvement.

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