I'm Thankful For Everything That God Has Given Me in Life

Book of Job

I truly love and thank God for everything he has given me in life.

He created me. He's my Creator. He formed me uniquely. He knit me together in my mother's womb, carried me out, gave me life, and prospered me so that I can can have sustenance to maintain my life and live.

God is the ultimate God, the Creator. He formed me and each and every one of us. He created all us uniquely. He put breath in our bodies. He gives us food to survive, water, shelter, all of our needs so that we can go in life.

I'm truly thankful for God and all that he provided for me. Besides the physical, He gives us spiritual life. There is an urge in each and every one of us to call on God and to just cry and moan for him. God created a hole in us, a void, that only He can fill. Our souls long for God. We hunger and thirst for God. And God will never forsake those who call on him.

God provided the ultimate sacrifice for us, in the death of his Son Jesus Christ, whose body and blood provides for the atonement of all our sins. Jesus was the only and perfect sacrifice that could atone for our sins, and his precious blood wipes us out of all our sins. I'm very thankful for God for sending His Son, for providing this plan of salvation for those who love him and want to be near him. And I just thank God so much for providing salvation for me and putting me in his church and for working out my salvation.

What I'm saying is, God is the ultimate God. He provides all of our needs, physically and spiritually, and for that, he is worthy of all praise and adoration. Amen.

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