Is God Just to Send People to Hell?

In this article, we're on the side that God is just sending people to hell. We'll explain why using one simple verse.

The verse in mention is:

Romans 6:23
"The wages of sin is death."

You most likely know the word wages but let's go over it for one moment, since from this word we can show why God is not unjust in sending people to hell. A wage is something that a person works for. Usually, we think of it in the work sense like if you work for an employer for, say, two weeks, at the end of those two weeks, you get your wage for those two weeks, because you worked for it. You deliberately worked for it, so you deserve to get paid for it.

But now let's think of in how the bible speaks of wages in this verse. The bible speaks of the wages of sin which leads to death. Now remember what we said about wages. It's something you deliberately work for, something you intentionally do. People who go to hell work for it. That's what the bible is implying. They work for it. They go out and sin. They deliberately sin. They intentionally sin. And in the end, they deserve death. People who merely struggle with sin don't go to hell. It's people who intentionally, deliberately, unrepentantly sin, sin, and sin, and at the end, just like a worker deserves his wage after work, a sinner who deliberately and unrepentantly sins deserves death. They deserve it. It's almost as if they're trying to get to hell. It's as if they're working toward it, as if that's their goal.

So God is just in sending others to hell. It's as if they're trying to get there. And they get their wage for it, unfortunately, a bad thing, terrible death.

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