True Crime

Wicked Attraction

Slot Cheat- Dennis Nikrasch
Drug Smugglers
Drug Smuggler- Rik Luytjes
Burglar- Philip Johnson
Car Enterprise Theft Operator- Minjin "Kenny" Yang
Cargo Thief- Hoa Lam Ong
Bank Robbers
Bank Robber- William Smarto
Bank Robber- Amil Dinsio
Bank Robber- Steven Hadley
Bank Robber- Rony Leibovitz
Bank Robber- Gilbert Galvan
Serial Killers/Killers
American Serial Killers- Kosta Fotopoulos and Deidre Hunt
American Killers- Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter
Michael Thornton and Janeen Marie Synder
Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris
Maurice Mason and Bennie Frier
Wicked Attraction
Wicked Attraction- 57 Seconds
Wicked Attraction- Till Death Do Us Part
wicked Attraction- Innocence Lost
Wicked Attraction- Toolbox Killers
Wicked Attraction- No Place to Hide
Masterminds- The Perfect Score
Masterminds- The Jacksonville Heist
Masterminds- Hot Wheels
Masterminds- Air America
Masterminds- The Air Cargo Millions
Masterminds- The Disappearing Man
Masterminds- The Motorcycle Bandit
Masterminds- The Phantom Bandit
Masterminds- Stealing Las Vegas